Reconcile paradoxes

Whether they are of traditional style or rather modern and to taste young, we always produce terroir wines. This may seem contradictory, but it’s possible, thanks to the cooperation of the wine grower, who brings the grapes to perfect ripeness, and the wine maker who fully controls ageing and blending.

Link Bordeaux and Burgundy

As a result of ongoing observation and reflexion, we combine Burgundy’s way of highlighting origin and terroir to vinification techniques from Bordeaux. We blend wines of a single variety but from different “climates”.

The continuous flow

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”
On Nature, Anaxagore de Clazomenes

Like an echo to nature and the never-ending motion of the wine, we constantly evolve ourselves. Our profession is an ongoing creation; much like the philosophers of nature, we experience every day in astonishment, investigation and learning.

Amongst this ongoing movement, our quest is for balance: Ecological balance in the vineyards and preservation of the entire grape quality during wine making. A fragile balance; as every step to transform the grapes is a loss and every action to countervail this loss the beginning of another transformation, we are therefore constantly trying to approach perfection, without ever achieving it. But ever since, this never-ending movement has become a virtuous circle.

Govern the wood

Keeping absolute control over the wood is essential when creating wines with good ageing potential from a grape variety with firm tannins. We work with oak casks from Burgundy, as we appreciate the elegance of their tannins and the general quality of their wood that has been air-dried for 30 to 36 months. For some of our wines, we are using larger oak casks (up to 500 litres), which have been lightly toasted over a long time (120 minutes).

Control of time: Waiting for the wine

We have the chance to follow the rhythm of our wine. Which means that our wines slowly grow towards ripeness by natural steps of transformation: Fermentation with natural yeast, barrel ageing and absorption of sweet, woody tannins… Therefore, we keep our cellar temperature around 12 to 15 °C, with a relative humidity of 90% and a well-adjusted ventilation to guarantee a healthy environment to our wines. And nature does the rest…