The World’s Best Malbecs according to Wine Searcher

Château du Cedre GC Grande Cuvée Cahors

The lone French drop in a sea of Argentinian wine, Château du Cèdre proudly flies the flag for Cahors, Malbec’s original birthplace. The estate has been specialising in Malbec since 1988, although Merlot and Tannat are also grown. The winery takes inspiration from both Bordeaux and Burgundy, while bringing out the best in the Cahors region. The Grand Cuvée has an aggregated critic score of 93 points and an average price of $77, which makes it by far the best-value wine on this list.

Extract from Wine Searcher
"As we’ve mentioned before, Wine-Searcher’s "Best" is based entirely on the aggregated scores compiled from our pool of critics. We understand wine is subjective and you may not agree with everything on this list but it’s a rough guide and might serve as some inspiration for the silly season."

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