Great wines from Cahors

The Château du Cèdre produces Malbec wines: wines on the fruit or wines to age for years. We like to explore and express all different aspects of our terroir, driven by the idea to satisfy all kinds of a wine lover, the professional, the neophyte or the wine passionate.

Thus, we would like to invite you to discover our wines and our working methods: Please feel welcome.

Pascal et Jean-Marc Verhaeghe

Les frères Verhaeghe

Learn and unlearn

We work our vineyards and cellar with care and accuracy, using experienced and appropriate techniques since 1988. We use to express our modesty towards every vintage by the leitmotiv “learn and unlearn”. Even if we have somehow “domesticated” our terroir et adapted our proper rules due to a better understanding of our region (the Lot), of Malbec and Viognier and of the micro-climate of our vineyards, our approach to wine making remains empirical and each vintage is a new creation.



A good glas of... Le Cedre Heritage #Cahors 2012

I particularly love this punchy red wine in summer! What really strikes when tasting it, is the liveliness and freshness that it displays. Moderately tannic, I would describe it as being crispy and vigorous, with just enough generosity as it needs. Could we call a wine from Cahors being thirst-quenching? Yes we can, as this wine is living proof!
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What do you think of #biodynamics, Pascal?

"We are not labeled for biodynamic farming, but we apply it in our vineyards. We never claimed the status of being entirely biodynamic, because it’s more comfortable to practice in small areas. However, we try to get as close to it as possible."
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Château du Cèdre, a leader of organic and export movements in Cahors, has been instrumental in driving the region forward into the world.
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“We do organic farming. We’ve started in the early nineties by banning all herbicides from the vineyards and managed to get rid of all chemical spraying agents by 2002. This really improved the quality of our grapes and encouraged us to ask for organic certification in 2009. After three years of conversion, we have made our first certified organic wine in 2012.”

Pascal Verhaeghe

Château du Cèdre